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The Problem

Men don't have it easy when it comes to using swipe-based dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Skout, Badoo, and Woo. It can be a frustrating experience and you're definitely not alone. In fact recent studies can explain why this is the case.

According to one recent study (using Tinder) of all the likes from male profiles, 0.6% of these resulted in matches. However for women (also using stock profiles, with no bio and one photo) the return was 10.5%. The women's stock profiles were 17.5 times more likely to receive a match per like than the male ones!

Other studies report similarly depressing findings. For instance, women like or 'swipe' on 14% of the profiles they are presented with whereas men swipe on approximately 46%. On top of this, the percentage of male versus female users on dating apps is 62-38 percent respectively. Taken together the following conclusion is unavoidable: you face immense competition.

There is a lot of advice dealing with this problem floating around the internet; ranging from the trustworthy (peer-reviewed studies) to the less than trustworthy (someone's advice taken from anecdotal experience on their blog). Moreover, some of this advice is confusing and contradictory especially for new users to these apps!

But there are ways to improve your odds and that's where we come in.

Our Solution

We set out with three goals in mind with respects to the problem that both experienced and new users face on swipe-based applications face. Firstly we gathered as much advice as possible on what works on profiles' for both photos and bios' and what does not; selecting for advice based largely on the reputability of the source so as to try and generate some consensus based advice.

Secondly, we wanted to try and understand how the algorithms of popular apps work, and how one can use these to one's advantage in order to employ different swiping strategies on these apps.

Finally, we wanted to try and understand how one could turn more matches into dates. An obvious way to do this is by looking at how to increase responses from matches. So called opening lines are an easy candidate. Consequently, we reviewed the existing literature on 'opening linesĀ' and what can stimulate great conversations.

The App

We presented our advice in a top 10 dos and top 10 don'ts list for both photos and bios, with extensive explanations for each piece of advice in an easy to understand, and accessible format. This was especially designed with new users in mind. We will continue to update these lists as more studies and articles are published. The aim is to have dynamic, changing lists.

We included over 50 unique 'opening lines', some of which have already been use-tested in studies but also by your developers. More will be added. We also included two functions here to increase the usability of these lines: an integrated copy function that allows you to copy the lines straight from our app into you're chosen platform, as well as a favourites tab so you don't have to scroll through all the other opening lines each time you want to use a specific one.

Finally, we included analyses of certain algorithms and write-ups of different strategies to help maximise your odds of getting matches and avoiding common mistakes - especially the swipe-all approach.